Heidi Klum amazed with her frank outfit

06.9.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Heidi Klum amazed with her frank outfit
© Instagram / Heidi Klum
Instagram has new photos of Heidi Klum. They are a little frank, dress with wide open chest. Fans of Sex and the City remember the show where Carrie Bradshaw is next to the bus on which her picture hangs. Heidi Klum is a little bit similar in character to Sarah Jessica Parker.

The other day Heidi Klum posted fresh photos on Instagram. Most likely, Heidi Klum assembled a Heidi figure drawn on the bus. The bus could be seen in San Francisco. The bronze figure of Heidi Klum is painted on a huge part of the transport. In the image, Heidi Klum is wearing a bikini, revealing her perfect body.

Heidi Klum at the age of 46 was able to make himself make such a figure. Fans claimed the photo is on the tram. Heidi Klum said it was a bus.

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