Idris Elba considers unfair rewarding of John Legend

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Idris Elba considers unfair rewarding of John Legend
© Instagram / Idris Elba
One more year we know who has been chosen as ‘The sexiest man alive of the year’ according to People magazine. The lucky successor of Idris Elba, the actor who held the title of 2018, has been the American singer, songwriter, pianist and actor John Legend, the third black man who receives this recognition, after Elba and Denzel Washington, in the more than 30 years that has been chosen.

After knowing that Legend, the “humble” winner of ten Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Tony, had been selected as the sexiest of this 2019, the artist has assured the magazine that he has been granted this honor that, although knowing that he had won "he was excited", he felt "a little scared because it involves a lot of pressure." As the singer himself told People, one of the things that most concerned him about this title was the amount of criticism that is released every year when fans believe that the winner does not deserve to hold that title.

“Everyone will analyze me to see if I am sexy enough to hold this title. I have received the witness of Idris Elba, and that is not fair ”joked the actor, who has decided to continue with the humor in an Instagram post in which he has compared with Elba.

"The 1995 John would be perplexed to be the successor of Idris Elba as‘ The sexiest man alive. " Hell, the 2019 John is equally perplexed. Although thank you People for finding me Sexy. I accept the compliment ”the musician has written next to a broken image in which Idris Elba appears in a very suggestive inn and Legend in an image 24 years ago, which is probably not his favorite.

In a tone of humor very similar to that of her husband, the model Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend since 2013 and mother of her two children -Luna and Miles-, also wanted to share with the world her opinion around the recognition of the singer Like the sexiest man of the year. After joking about the "honor" and "dream" of having "slept with the sexiest living man chosen by People magazine" and include it in his Twitter bio as a joke, Teigen has responded to the first disgruntled users With the choice.

"I can't WAIT for people to get angry because John has been chosen the sexiest man alive" has been the first comment of the presenter, who has responded to a woman who did not consider her husband capable of "throwing her above the shoulder "or" defend it "with the following words:" Can I try to throw yourself at you? "

The American magazine People has been making this list of the sexiest living men of the year since 1985, when Mel Gibson was crowned as the first artist deserving of that recognition. Now, 34 years later, the publication has decided to crown the singer, who has had a most prolific career, for a simple reason. Despite all the successes harvested, "Legend has become one of the biggest stars but has continued to have its feet on the ground," something that seems to have made it the sexiest beyond some superficial features.

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