Imagine Dragons unexpected visit to Europe

06.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Imagine Dragons unexpected visit to Europe
© Instagram / Imagine Dragons
It is impossible to imagine that the band Imagine Dragons from overseas can give an enchanting concert on the first day of summer. Not anywhere, but in Florence. Imagine Dragons came with the music of Visarno Arena.

After the debut of their album Origins, Imagine Dragons decided to visit and give a concert to European fans. Before the album Origins, the album Evolve was written, the difference between the outputs was 16 months. This album was the 4th in a row, written by the group Imagine Dragons.

The leader of Imagine Dragons says that the band has great potential and has many new ideas in writing songs for the fifth album. The group consists of four musicians who own different instruments, who like to come up with new ideas and breakthroughs in music styles, give their fans new emotions and surprise their ears, said group leader Dan Reynolds.

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