Irina Shayk revealed an unknown episode of her life

11.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Irina Shayk revealed an unknown episode of her life
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Irina Shayk is one of the most recognized international models on the planet. Despite this, Irina moves away from the superficial image that may surround her profession at some time. Shayk always claims that the value of women and women's empowerment in life can.

This year has not been easy for the model, his separation with actor Bradley Cooper and the end of his commitment left him very affected. However, from all this hard road, Irina has managed to redirect her life, bring out the good and learn a lot from each experience.

What is clear is that nothing and no one is going to change their way of being and thinking. Her explosive image is linked to her personality and character. With very strong principles, Irina goes where she claims and makes a reflection on women: `` The news is making women almost afraid to feel sexy and that should not be so. You have to feel good in our own skin, be yourself, follow our dreams and never accept no for an answer. It is better to be beautiful inside than outside, that is the truth of life. ''

In her visit to Verona (Italy) for an underwear parade, Irina also talked about her sentimental situation, after separating a few months ago from her daughter's father, actor Bradley Cooper, Irina states that the two most difficult situations she has lived they have been lost of loved ones: "The most difficult moments of my life have been two losses: that of my father, when I was 14 years old, and that of my grandmother. I still can't believe they are gone but they are part of me life, this has led me to be what I am. "

In addition, Irina revealed an unknown episode in her life: "Being a model was not my dream but life gave me this opportunity. When I was a teenager the boys always made fun of me. Life is full of stages and it's a beautiful thing because we can get to know each other, learn and improve. When you fall, you get up and continue walking as children do. "

A chapter of her his life from which he learned a lot, especially what he did not want to have in his life that was `` fear and insecurities '' by the criticisms of others.

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