Irina Shayk in clothes and without Photoshop

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Irina Shayk in clothes and without Photoshop
© Instagram / Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk has rechecked in the first person how social networks are not always a good ally. And, as happens to many other celebrities, a photo of the Russian model has caused many negative comments.

A photo in which we see Irina walking through the streets of New York and enjoying the autumn in Manhattan. Many have noticed their look and the fact that, contrary to expectations, it seems that they are wearing high boots over their pants.

However, what has caused more controversy, which has caused many of his haters to criticize it, is not precisely the boots, but the pants. Rather, "the bags that make your pants."

And it is not exactly few who consider that these jeans are "fatal". In fact, his detractors have taken advantage of this image to once again question the famous curves of Irina Shayk.

And it is that the Russian model has appeared on many occasions wearing a figure that, as some people point out, "does not resemble anything that it has in real life." In this case your hips have been the ones that have caused a lot of controversy.

"? Everything hangs up!", "My mother, but if you have nothing on your hips", "And this is the body of an international top model?", "What a beast but if they make a bag and everything" or "Here you have to the famous Irina Shayk without Photoshop ”are some of the comments in this regard.

And of course, to complement these criticisms, its detractors have not done anything other than circulate also several images in which it is appreciated as, after some Photoshop tweaks, the hips of the model if they have the volume that in these images do not seem to have.

The truth is that, as much as these types of images lead their haters to criticize her, Irina decided a long time ago to stay out of this type of controversy. She knows that, the less case is done to her haters, the less media noise they will make.

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