Irina Shayk again caused numerous quarrels

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Irina Shayk again caused numerous quarrels
© Instagram / Irina Shayk
For a while, and due to the controversial separation of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper with Lady Gaga in between, the Russian model has seen how the number of haters in social networks skyrocketed.

Haters who do nothing but go for it with comparisons between the photos that the model usually hangs and in which it appears great with images hunted by the paparazzi in which many question their curves.

However, as much as the number of detractors has grown dramatically, there are still many more faithful followers who applaud each of the Russian publications.

Especially all those in which the model brings out the best of itself. That is why now that many are charging against her, some of her followers have circulated through the networks a body paint in which, as we can see in the photo, Irina leaves very, very little to the imagination.

In fact, there are those who, even considering that the model designer is none other than the polemic Thierry Mugler, speaks of the model not as a body paint but as a very tight latex banker.

In any case, what is clear is that the image in question has given much to talk about in the networks where, as expected, many have wanted to reflect their opinions.

Opinions that in the great majority of cases have been more than positive: "Brutal", "Spectacular", "She is a goddess", "I don't know how there are still people who criticize her figure", "For a reason this woman is a top model international ”,“ What beauty ”,“ How big Irina ”,“ Irina shutting mouths ”or“ If it is to get rid of this woman is to make a fool of herself ”are just a few of the many praises that I have taken the photo in question .

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