Ivanka Trump follows her own rules in international visits

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ivanka Trump follows her own rules in international visits
© Instagram / Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump, the daughter and adviser of the president of the United States, spent three days in Morocco, where she held an interview with a Rabat media outlet for which I speak of the great work done in the global economic program in favor of women . The First Daughter complied with a certain part of the clothing protocol: in a country where women usually wear cafes that hide their shapes and decorate their limbs in a decent way, she put on a loose shirt to visit a group of farmers.

But in business scenarios, such as the Rabat aeronautics institute, she moved on to a set of two long white pieces that covered her legs and arms but, of course, she didn't hide even one of her curves. The First Daughter is always true to her style: she never renounces ‘bodies’ perfectly glued to her body, pencil skirts and heels as high as we usually see the First Lady of the United States. Ivanka, unlike other women in the international diplomatic front row, has turned not to make concessions to the cultural traits and customs of her the countries she visits in a hallmark. We have seen in all of her recent diplomatic missions: her clothes have always been invariably Western and formal.

In the ensemble that Ivanka wore on this occasion, a real blue sky brooch that looked on the flap was strikingly striking: it is a brooch that we have had occasion to see him in other diplomatic missions. For example, when she went to South Korea, in a movement that analysts considered the definitive confirmation that Trump's daughter has political ambitions.

Ivanka went to the Moroccan country to announce the concession of six million dollars for a pilot program to help women integrate into the workplace. This, in a country where one in two women suffers gender violence and where 89 percent are illiterate in rural areas, is a gesture of enormous strategic importance. Ivanka, then, is very aware that these days the eyes of the world were going to be on her and that her reception with Princess Lalla Meryem had an undeniable diplomatic significance. ? Respect between countries? Yes. But nobody dictates to the United States its style norms.

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