Jaden Smith has a definitely vibrant taste

08.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jaden Smith has a definitely vibrant taste
© Instagram / Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith has long made it clear that he’s not afraid to make statements. He is not afraid to show his love of pink.

Even his hair was pink. Before he recently shaved them off on stage during a performance.

He recently took another step. Selecting color underwear for his very expensive car.

On Monday, a 21-year-old boy met with friends in a garage in Los Angeles.

He arrived in his bright pink Tesla. The car appeared in the video for his latest Erys album.

Jaden Smith changed clothes in the garage. Showing a pair of bright pink boxing shorts and socks matching his expensive wheels.

The new album relies heavily on the color scheme with a predominance of pink. And Jaden Smith is soaked in pink during his live performances.

So it was at the VELD music festival in Toronto. Where he recently shaved on stage in front of a crowded audience.

The video for the album also has pink variations. For example, when he rides on the hood of his pink Tesla in a cloud of pink smoke.

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