Jake Gyllenhaal showed his character's hidden abilities in the Marvel film universe

11.16.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jake Gyllenhaal showed his character's hidden abilities in the Marvel film universe
© Instagram / Jake Gyllenhaal
The actor had an acclaimed performance as Mysterio in "Spider-Man: Away from Home." Spider-Man: Far From Home ”was one of the big hits on the big screen during 2019. Tom Holland's second solo film as Spider-Man amazed critics and audiences by raising more than a billion dollars in the worldwide box office Jake Gyllenhaal made his presentation at UCM for the film and fell in love with his character.

Quentin Beck, better known as Mysterio, is a special effects specialist, who used to fool Peter Parker and company in the latest installment of "Spider-Man." To make the turn even more surprising, Gyllenhaal and Holland shared long and intimate moments on social media during the press tour to promote the film.

In the clip that the actor uploaded to his official Instagram account, the protagonist of “Secret in the Mountain” appears playing a guitar. Gyllenhaal does not forget the day that Holland uploaded a picture of him to Instagram and wrote: "It felt good, maybe I deleted it later." That remembered publication has been the point chosen by several actors to make fun of the new Peter Parker.

I felt tender. Maybe I will try to kill Spider-Man later, ”Gyllenhaal put in to describe the video that was probably taken in a stop of the filming of the last Spider-Man movie, which arrived in Argentine cinemas on July 4 and closed its participation in the billboards of the world with more than 1132 million dollars.

Jake Gyllenhaal's next project is in the film adaptation of a famous video game called “The Division,” in which he will share the spotlight alongside Jessica Chastain, the film is about the near future in which a virus spread through the paper money in a Black Friday killing millions of people, what is left of society is immersed in chaos and a group of civilians will make an effort to save the survivors.

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