Jane Fonda is trying to draw attention to the problem of humanity

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jane Fonda is trying to draw attention to the problem of humanity
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Jane Fonda plans to live until one hundred years old, but in the two decades she has left until then she does not plan to buy a single piece of clothing. The 81-year-old actress has realized that she does not need to add more new pieces to everything she already keeps in her closet and has decided to make her posture visible with an impeccable red coat that takes her protests against change every Friday in front of the Capitol, in Washington. «Do you see this coat? I needed something red, I went out and found this coat on offer. It is the last piece I am going to buy, ”said the actress and activist who wanted to listen to her during one of her last protests in Washington. «We really do not need to continue shopping. We should not seek to buy our identity. We do not need more things, ”said the actress, who says that the young activist Greta Thunberg has made her think a lot about consumerism. The textile industry is responsible for 20% of the toxic spills in the planet's water and it is estimated that, if the trend of fast fashion continues to evolve at the current rate, in 2050 it could be responsible for 26% of the world's global emissions. CO2 To this we must add the amount of waste generated by the clothes to be used and disposed of in the face of the most durable options, a set of factors that has led the UN to call this sector an "environmental emergency". With all that in mind , Fonda has decided to convert the red coat that it acquired from sales for 500 dollars (453 euros) in the Neiman Marcus stores into an icon of a new vision of fashion.

Jane Fonda has participated in the protests in Washington over the climate crisis over the last four weeks and against "the role of wars and the US army" in global warming. On three of these occasions the actress was arrested and handcuffed with plastic flanges for being in areas where demonstrations are prohibited. "This is a way of using my fame to convey the message that we are facing a crisis that could determine if our children and grandchildren have a future or if the planet will continue to be habitable," said Fonda.

Jane Fonda, arrested for protesting against climatic change. Renowned actresses also participated in the last of these acts, such as Rosanna Arquette and Catherine Keener, who are asking to apply a new program, proposed by the Democratic Party, called Green New Deal, to change the US power generation and that President Trump , at the head of the Republicans, considers it too "radical." "It is urgent to act, we have to be very brave," reiterated Fonda, who will continue with these protests during the 14 Fridays that will happen in the US capital on the occasion of the production of Netflix's Grace and Frankie series.

The Fire Drill Fridays group (“Friday fire drill”), created by Fonda following the inspiration of the mobilizations promoted by Greta Thunberg, protests by issuing slogans such as “We must make the Earth big again, not the United States”, "Jane ends the fight" or "This is not a drill, our house is on fire." «You don't see it, but I have armor that protects me [...] I'm 81 years old. There is nothing you can do to me. No matter what they do, ”said the actress. The actress has a long history as an activist in defense of various causes. In 1972, during the Vietnam War, Fonda paid a visit to Hanoi and posed in some photographs sitting on a piece of anti-aircraft artillery.

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