Jane Fonda could spend her 82nd birthday in prison

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jane Fonda could spend her 82nd birthday in prison
© Instagram / Jane Fonda
Last October Jane Fonda left her usual residence in Los Angeles to move to Washington D.C. and launch a series of weekly protests whose objective is to raise public awareness of the need to fight against climate change.

To date, the legendary actress has been arrested three times and has even spent a night in prison. Now he faces the possibility of receiving a much harsher sentence if he continues to have problems with justice, which poses a curious dilemma: what to do on December 21, when he turns 82.

Being a Saturday, his new tradition would dictate that the day before he would meet with several of his famous friends and other strangers in front of the Capitol, but the problem is that he could end up being arrested again and everything suggests that he would celebrate the day of his birthday behind bars.

"Everything will depend on my lawyer," the series star Grace and Frankie told Entertainment Tonight.

"If I risk spending three months in prison, I will not," he acknowledged.

Not wanting to take unnecessary risks does not mean that Jane is not willing to spend a season in jail for continuing to support the cause she defends inspired by the young activist Greta Thunberg.

'I don't care about the arrest. The really important thing is to get the message to reach the people and join the civil disobedience movement because that is what is going to make us increasingly lacking in the future. We should all get used to that being normal, and to get out of our comfort zone and stop acting as we did until now. We have to take a bit more risk because we play too much, 'he said.

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