Jason Momoa becomes Robin Hood

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jason Momoa becomes Robin Hood
© Instagram / Jason Momoa
The actor has been with James Corden, who has placed an apple on his head that, blindfolded, has tried to cross it with an arrow ... Will he have succeeded?

If you decide to hang out with Jason Momoa a lot of things can happen and all of them unpredictable. From zamparte a giant cake as he did on his birthday, to receive from a class how to throw axes as happened to the presenter Ellen DeGeneres when he invited 'Aquaman' to his program. However, we are sure that James Corden would have signed for one of these two plans instead of what he had to live with Momoa in the two hours they spent both as part of a section of his program The Late Late Show.

At the appointment the actor is presented with a motorcycle and leather jackets to take the host on a motorcycle ride. Something that already gives symptoms that the 120 minutes ahead are not going to be, much less, to have coffee and chat. And so it was, because fate was none other than a park in which Momoa had everything ready to give Corden an archery class like Robin Hood, a sport for which the actor feels passion thanks to his wife, Lisa Bonet , as in the axes. After Corden makes a couple of shots, the game gets more lively for Momoa who suggests that they try the old feat of putting the apple on Corden's head and that he tried to go through it ... with his eyes covered - it's unpredictable to be with Momoa, or not?

Faced with the situation and with the actor already unseen, Corden panics and is changed to a doll. Momoa finally hits the apple, although the arrow also ends up going through the doll's head ... (Intelligent gesture of Corden's). "You are so deceived by your eyes. You cut all these other senses but with the sense, smell and hearing you can also locate the objects."

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