Jason Momoa publishes a video with Henry Cavill

05.17.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Jason Momoa publishes a video with Henry Cavill
© Instagram / Jason Momoa
This week Jason Momoa, Star of the Game of Thrones, has posted an Instagram video of his story. The video captures Jason Momoa himself and to the surprise of fans of Henry Cavill, who is also Superman.

These two actors provided everyone who watched the video with a laugh. But this video has generated a lot of rumors. And one of them is that Superman will appear in the next Aquaman movie or something like that.

The likelihood that something like this happens is small. But this is a reminder that the actors in this franchise still enjoy working together, and this may have more weight than we think.

At the moment, it is still not known what future Henry Cavill expects as Superman. There were first reports that he left this role.

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