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Jay Z disappointed in Colin Kaepernick after his exhibition

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jay Z disappointed in Colin Kaepernick after his exhibition
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Jay Z is completely disappointed and explodes against Colin Kaepernick for turning his exhibition game into an advertising event. Yesterday, November 16, the NFL scheduled an exhibition game to show Colin Kaepernick to different teams in the league; however, the plans changed a bit. The player did not follow what was scheduled by the NFL, and decided to give his own exhibition in a different place, where he also invited the press.

According to the TMZ site, before such an act, the interpreter of ‘Anything’; He showed his discontent and disappointment, because according to him, "Colin did nothing but turn his exhibition game into an advertising strategy." Also, the rapper said the league was "genuine" by giving the player a chance. The reason why Colin Kaepernick did this was because he was looking for transparency when inviting the press, and the NFL was adamant about the decision not to admit media during the exhibition.

Since the rapper joined forces with the NFL to take over entertainment events, such as the Super Bowl halftime show, he has expressed his constant support for the player, as he recently confessed through a conference "It's time to leave the kneeling behind, and move forward "; So, Kaepernick's 'wasting' really disappointed the singer. Jay Z was not the only one to explode against the player, since several expert figures in the sport, such as ESPN commentator Stephen A Smith, said that Kaepernick only seeks to continue 'playing the martyr', leaving aside the true intentions to play

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