Jennifer Aniston burns the nets with an exciting selfie

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Jennifer Aniston burns the nets with an exciting selfie
© Instagram / Jennifer Aniston
Actress Jennifer Aniston is going through one of her best moments on a personal and professional level. If just a few months ago he opened his Instagram account, now he surprises us with a snapshot in which he shows his face without a whit of makeup and face washed with a ponytail and a breakfast cup in which we see the protagonist of "Friends" natural Without trap or cardboard.

Every day there are more celebrities who point to natural beauty and selfies without makeup and face wash showing their real skin as it is, and one of the last to do so has been actress Jennifer Aniston who never ceases to surprise us with a photo in his Instagram account in which he appears with his face washed and luminous and without a drop of sheet metal and paint as we usually see it on the red carpet.

He has done it with a cup or mug as freshly raised and with a polished ponytail to hide the bad hairs we all have when we get up, without makeup base, without mascara or lipstick and without manicure done. Yes because although we do not believe the famous as Jennifer Aniston advocate for real beauty and without prejudice.

The protagonist of "The Morning Show" shows that you can be splendid and without makeup beyond 50 with this selfie so fun first thing in the morning. The image has more than 3 million likes and continues to grow. It is not the first time that the protagonist of "Friends" breaks the Internet. A few weeks ago he also did it after opening his new Instagram account.

With his cup in addition, he has encouraged his professional partner, also actor Matthew McConaughey to "have fun" with his first account also launched on his birthday. Jennifer Aniston for the picture, wore a navy blue sweater around her neck with a sleeveless shirt while showing her huge bright blue eyes to all her fans. With the text "Mugshot. (New episode of @themorningshow out)" followed by an emoji with clapping hands. Each photo that hangs the actress can not be more surprising and exciting and we are already waiting for the next.

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