Jim Carrey saves the film

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Jim Carrey saves the film
© Instagram / Jim Carrey
In this new trend of adaptation to live action of all the classics, video games have not been saved from being taken to the big screen with the format in flesh and blood.

Now it is the turn of Sonic, the blue hedgehog that was part of the childhood of so many children who are already adults and who will undoubtedly go to relive their childhood in the cinemas when they see “Sonic: The Hedgehog”, especially now that Jim Carrey is known to be the villain of the film.

With the launch of the trailer, Carrey fans have been very excited on social networks. Many of them say that it will be mainly because they saw the film that was so criticized when Sonic's image was released in May.

The film will be in theaters from January 14 next year and, in Mexico, it will be Luisito Comunica who doubles the voice of the hedgehog.

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