Jimmy Carter continues to attract faithful to the Baptist church

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Jimmy Carter continues to attract faithful to the Baptist church
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Pilgrims arrive early and from all sides. They congregate at dawn in a small walnut forest next to a rural church. They come, they say, to receive a dose of decency and devotion from a lesson about the Bible.

The lesson is taught by 39? President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

Almost four decades after leaving the presidency and despite some health problems, Carter, 95, continues to teach twice a month at the Baptist Church of Maranatha, in his small town of Plains, in southeastern Georgia. His message always revolves around Jesus, not himself.

The church has only about thirty members, but 450 people attend classes sometimes. Some 200 fill the sanctuary, with green walls and stained glass, and the others follow the sermon through screens, from nearby rooms.

It is practically impossible to put politics aside when it comes to a former president. Some come because they are Democrats who voted for him when he was elected in 1976 and who are frustrated with the tone that President Donald Trump and the Republicans have adopted.

But Trump has held the presidency since 2017 and Carter has been attracting crowds for years. Those who attended their most recent class on November 3 said they wanted to be in the presence of someone who seems like a good person, humble and pious despite having been a world leader.

"It is an example of both goodness and public service and faith," said Doug Kluth, who drove over 3800 kilometers (2400 miles) with his wife to see Carter in person. The couple lives in Columbus, Nebraska.

John and Sarah Dryer boarded their four daughters, two to 12 years old, in their Honda Pilot to cover 1350 kilometers (850 miles) from Chicago.

“To see a man who was on top of the world and who chooses to spend his last years taking the world to a higher level is an example for my family and for me,” said John Dyer in a letter he wrote to the pastor of the church and what he decided to share with the Associated Press.

Carter's efforts are admired for eradicating diseases and observing elections around the world.

These days, with a twice divorced president who curses in public and once said that he had never asked God for forgiveness, Carter's approach to life, with his 73-year-old wife, Rosalynn, beside him, seems especially Attractive to fans.

They say they admire Carter's work to eradicate the disease and monitor elections worldwide; the time he has spent helping build houses as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity; and his defense of rural food and medical care programs in his county of origin. Many were touched by photos of a bruised but smiling Carter who did volunteer work after falling and hitting his head in October.

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