John Krasinski is no longer the moron from the series

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John Krasinski is no longer the moron from the series
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Surely you place John Krasinski as the joke-loving godin in The Office, at that time, the actor and director was not anyone's fitness goal and did not look exactly athletic, a few years later, Krasinski is married to one of the Hollywood's most talented women (Emily Blunt), directed one of the best horror movies of the decade (A Quiet Place) and became a special agent who looks as if she could destroy any enemy with her own hands.

John Krasinski is no longer the geek who killed us laughing at The Office, or at least he no longer looks like one.

For his series with Amazon Prime, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, the actor had to get in shape to convince us that he could survive a battle, solve conspiracies and stop criminals trying to cross weapons across the border, and in the second season he looks even more powerful than in the first. The second season has dangerous secret missions, chases and a lot of action and, to keep up with his character, Krasinski had to spend a few hours training in the gym.

A season with more action needed a more resistant Jack Ryan so the actor and director underwent a dynamic program that helped him gain strength, muscle and endurance. Before filming in South America, the new action hero (who only rejected the offer to be Captain America to get to the point where he could direct A Quiet Place) spent months training 5 days a week on Drive 495 with the coach Don Saladino, who revealed in an interview that the actor was very dedicated with his workouts.

Krasinski commented in an interview that he and Saladin developed a routine that would not only help him look better without a shirt, but feel good and resist the long hours of filming and demanding action scenes he performed.

Jack Ryan spends his time jumping off buildings, running between narrow roads and chasing or escaping criminals, so it was important that his training routine help him prepare physically and mentally for those challenges, and a new, more intense season required that the protagonist looked as impressive as the heroes of Marvel or DC, so everyone knew from the beginning that this was not going to be an easy training.

According to the actor, every day towards agility workouts, afterwards he alternated strength and powerlifting sessions and workouts to increase his energy levels during the day and, according to the actor and his coach, the last two weeks prior to the Filming the series, Krasinski set himself the mission of breaking his weightlifting records every day.

"I had never seen anything like that," Saladino tells a magazine. ** "It became a joke in which I entered the gym and said:" I feel like an RP today. "But I also made sure not to push too hard if I came of a stressful day. " It is important to listen to the body. "

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