Johnny Depp claims falsification of abuse data in 2016

05.9.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Johnny Depp claims falsification of abuse data in 2016
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Johnny Depp doubts some of the details of the 911 call that Amber's friend made.

On the night of the attack, Hurd had previously testified that she was on the phone with Wright when Johnny Depp began to physically attack her. Wright declares that “then I heard Amber crying with fear and begged Johnny to stop her attack, after which I heard Amber shout out“ Call 911 ”before the call was disconnected. I called 911 to save Amber's life.

Lawyers Johnny Depp, however, received LAPD call logs from that night and noticed some inconsistencies in the evidence. They collected video materials showing how Johnny Depp leaves a residential building in Los Angeles around 8:30 pm. Noting that the call to LAPD was only made before 10:00 pm, they indicate how Wright waited more than an hour and a half before calling. This goes against Wright’s assertion that he decided to call 911 in “a split second.”

Depp's lawyer, Adam Waldman, calls the incident a “hoax Amber Heard.”

The LAPD employees who responded to 911 did not find any signs of insult against Hurd when they arrived.

This information is shocking, given Heard’s heartbreaking testimony.

Hurd refuses to back down, and is currently trying to stop the libel case filed by Depp and move him to another place, while the Depp team is working on evidence at the end of this month to keep the case moving.

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