Johnny Depp has something to be proud of

10.10.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Johnny Depp has something to be proud of
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Johnny Depp has had an excellent artistic career over three decades, but the one who begins with firm steps within this medium is his daughter Lily Rose Depp, of whom he has confessed, he feels very proud of the achievements he has achieved. Father and daughter agreed during the Venice Film Festival, each presented to support their respective projects. Both Johnny and Lily were greeted with much admiration from the public, which I hope to see their stars up close.

Johnny Depp met at the event to present the film directed by Ciro Guerra, Waiting for the Barbarians, in which he becomes an evil colonel. On the other hand, Lily Rose dazzled on the red carpet accompanied by Timothée Chalament to present The King, directed by David Michod, in which she plays Catalina.

On several occasions, Johnny Depp has celebrated his daughter's best moments, whether in modeling or as an actress. During the press conference that was offered at the Film Festival, the star shared what she feels about her firstborn: "to see her now turned into a young woman making her own way with dignity. She could have made films simply to make money, taking advantage his name, but it hasn't been like that. "

Lily Rose Melody Depp was born in Paris, France, on May 27, 1999. Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, is a singer, actress and model who met Johnny Depp in 1998 and they were together for 14 years. When the actress's parents separated, they shared custody of her and her younger brother, who spent a season in Los Angeles, Califirnia, and another in Paris, France.

Lily Rose inherited her parents' great talent. At the beginning, he began his career as a model for large designer firms. He appeared on the big screen in the Tusk movie and the following year he starred in the Yoga Horsers tape, in which his parents were also part of the cast, Johnny as Guy LaPointe and Vanessa in the role of Mrs. Maurice.

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