Josh Brolin became the hero of the story

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Josh Brolin became the hero of the story
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Actress Karen Gillan reveals a little anecdote from the filming of "Avengers: Endgame", more specifically those scenes she shared with actor Josh Brolin in their respective roles of Nebula and Thanos. Agenda issues by Josh Brolin caused the actress to finally be forced to have to shoot twice with a double, and that double was none other than co-director Joe Russo. He was dressed in normal clothes and had a thing stuck to a stick on his head to act as Thanos' face. The experience was somewhat "surreal," Gillan admits, but he also believes that the Russo brothers are "incredible."

When we were shooting ‘Endgame’, we didn't have Josh Brolin for my scenes with Thanos, so Joe played Thanos, Tha explains the actress at Comic Con Paris. It was fun to be on the scene, acting with one of the film's directors, and he only wore his own clothes, and then he had a stick with a large cardboard photo of Thanos stuck in the air so that I could look at the right height . I kept thinking "This is surreal." ‘Endgame’ gave more depth to the character of Nebula, because it also allowed us to see two versions of it, the 2023 and the 2014 times of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, being able to see the evolution of the character.

I really liked it because the old version of Nebula represented the starting point of the character in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It was very evil, and then I could interact with the future, the new Nebula, and it really showed the evolution of the character in a scene, which I really liked. Finally, the actress has also talked about all the comments that there are today about the “superhero cinema” and the comments of directors such as Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese.

It is very interesting to see all these comments, but I think everyone has the right to have their own opinions. Personally, I think Marvel movies are great movies. I think James Gunn is such an amazing filmmaker, and I see so much of his heart and soul in these films, that they have to be movies. I mean, he's a very creative filmmaker. I think they are cinema. Gillan finished saying with laughter: "Although I am the greatest Scorsese fan of all time."

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