Justin Bieber loves Millie Bobby Brown in a tracksuit

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Justin Bieber loves Millie Bobby Brown in a tracksuit
© Instagram / Justin Bieber
Millie Bobby Brown, the actress known worldwide for playing Eleven in the series 'Stranger Things', creates a trend with almost everything she puts on and that is that despite being so young, Millie is a reference of good taste . Used to parading through the red carpets of awards and premieres, we have seen how his style (and his hair) has evolved over the years. However, in her day to day and away from the spotlights, the actress always bets on naturalness, simplicity and comfort.

Who can resist the chandalero style that artists like Rosalia or Billie Eilish have put into fashion? Another international singer, Justin Bieber, has seen in it a business opportunity and wanted to join the car creating his own clothing line, 'Drew'. Millie Bobby Brown has succumbed to the bright colors and smiley faces of her designs and has not hesitated to wear a sweatshirt to be a tram in the garden. This is how Justin himself has taught in his Instagram account indicating that he loves to see Millie with clothes from his collection. In addition, it is not the only garment of the brand that the actress has, since in one of her stories we have been able to see her in a selfie in the mirror with a shirt with the same smiley face.

However, despite the fact that Bieber announced at the beginning of the year that he was retiring from music, and that he now has his textile company, he has not left his musical career altogether and we have been able to listen to him in collaborations with artists such as Ed Sheeran or Billie Eilish.

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