Justin Bieber continues treatment

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Justin Bieber continues treatment
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Justin Bieber after the break for the first time released a new music. In 2017, Justin Bieber canceled part of his tour, due to his poor mental health. According to him, Justin Bieber understood that he could not give fans of the show they deserve.

“ On tour I was depressed ,” said Justin Bieber. "I was lonely. I needed time ."

Justin Bieber gained fame very quickly. Quick glory began to affect his mental stability. In the end, he canceled the remaining tour dates and temporarily left the music industry.

Justin Bieber married Hayley Baldwin in 2018. This event allowed Justin Bieber to become happier.

Justin Bieber said that Hayley Baldwin is his biggest supporter, and they are both very happy together.

Justin Bieber continues to struggle with his mental health, but despite this he has achieved great success.

Justin Bieber left the center of attention to focus on himself, and noted that he was taking several medications for problems such as ADHD, depression and anxiety. In an interview, Justin Bieber said that he generally departed from music in order to try to become a better man and a better husband. Today he is in a much better place, although he said that he is still growing as a person.

Justin Bieber feels that he is now where he should be, and he recently returned to the hobby that made him famous. On May 10, Justin Bieber and his friend Ed Sheeran released a new song, “ I don’t care ”, which brought the pop star back in the public eye.

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