Happy birthday Justin Bieber! How it was?!

03.4.2019     /     News author: Dima

Happy birthday Justin Bieber! How it was?!
© Instagram / Justin Bieber
Looks like a large group of people got Bieber fever this weekend.

On Friday, Justin Bieber met his big 2-5 with his wife Hayley Baldwin, stylist and road manager Ryan Hood, pastor of the church Hillsong Karl Lenz, his wife Laura Lenz and many others.

Singer "Sorry" and his friends spent the day in the snow, where they rode quad bikes, and they all wore identical shirts with the words "Bieber" on their backs and the number 25 on it. They also took pictures of Polaroid, ate nachos, and spent the night together in the city.

Well shared photos from their celebration that happened in Stratford, Ontario. Baldwin designed the jackets too. This is hardly the first time she puts her new surname on her clothes!

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