Kaley Cuoco says he loves to live separately

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kaley Cuoco says he loves to live separately
© Instagram / Kaley Cuoco
The Big Bang Theory actress says that although people don't understand it, they both love to live that way. Kaley Cuoco surprised fans in August when he revealed that she and her husband Karl Cook do not live together. Now, in a new interview with The View, the Big Bang actress Theory says that the two love to live that way.

"People went crazy, they can't believe it," he said, and then explains that although others don't understand it, they are happy. “It has been working very well and we love it,” she says. "We love it, so I don't know why people have that problem."

Kaley Cuoco, 33, says the main reason she and her husband, who is a professional rider, live apart is because their careers push them in opposite directions.

“His horses are a few hours away from where I currently lived,” admits Cuco, who has a house in New York.

Although Kaley Cuoco reveals that she and Cook, 28, plan to move together very soon.

"We're actually building our house together right now," he says, adding that he loves living in New York. “I love the area, and my apartment building is right between a dog park and a rabbit rescue. Therefore, it is built for me. ” “We are not together every day, and personally I think it is important. It works well for us. ”

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