Kaley Cuoco does not live with her husband

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kaley Cuoco does not live with her husband
© Instagram / Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco talked about how much she likes her marriage, she is a professional horseman Karl Cook, whom she has married since last June. The star of The Big Bang Theory was invited to the program The View Friday and confessed that the couple currently lives in separate houses, and that option works very well for them.

«When people find out that we don't live together, they go crazy. They can't believe it, but we love it, ”said the actress. Then, Kaley Cuoco added: «It is not that we will never live together, only for the moment we prefer this. We are building the house of our dreams to be able to spend some days there whenever we can ».

When the hostess Ana Navarro asked her why she thought it had caused such a stir when she said she was not betting on living together, Kaley Cuoco replied: «I don't know why they are so scared. Due to work, his business and his horses, they were far from where I lived. We wanted to wait to move together, and that's how more than a year has passed since our wedding ».

The 33-year-old actress is installed in New York while filming her next project. He will give voice to Harley Quinn, the supervillain of DC Universe comics who will have his own series. After more than 10 uninterrupted years filming The Big Bang Theory, a new animated comedy for adults is the new bet of Cuoco, who will also be the producer of fiction.

According to El Nacional, during the interview, the actress also said that she and her husband enjoy using Instagram to be surprised with tender messages. "Post photos about me and put things like‘ my wife surprises me with her beauty and grace. " It is true love, he is my ideal partner, ”she concluded romantically.

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