Family Kate Middleton was in the center of the scandal

04.9.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Family Kate Middleton was in the center of the scandal
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According to the informant, Kate Middleton's parents are going through difficult times in business. I had to fire some employees. Carol Middleton was accused of cruelty and mockery of staff.

Several former employees anonymously told about the attitude of Carroll to people. Carroll Middleton e-mails her employees with various requirements during off-hours and weekends.

Carroll requires all actions to coordinate with her. But there were cases when it was impossible to call her to solve serious issues. Dislikes those who argue with her. Such a person becomes objectionable. Can contact the staff with a snap of the fingers. It is humiliating and unprofessional. And after congratulations on Halloween, he immediately sends emails criticizing employees for unsold goods.

Carol is constantly causing employees a sense of stress.

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