Kate Middleton and the art of communicating with fashion

10.22.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kate Middleton and the art of communicating with fashion
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With honors. That would be Kate Middleton's note if we had to rate her styling on the last trip of the Dukes of Cambridge to Pakistan. Kate is one of the most influential European princesses when it comes to dressing and each of her appearances are analyzed with magnifying glass, from clothes to makeup.

The duchess has already proven several times to be knowledgeable about the power of etiquette as a communication tool. That is why almost all of his outfits on this tour have focused on the palette of greens, a perfect color because it pays homage to the flag of the Asian country. In the five days of the royal tour, Kate wore garments from English and local designers and wore accessories from Pakistani jewelry brands such as Zeen and Satrangi.

Kate Middleton is an expert in the art of diplomatic dress and has not stopped using her clothes to send messages to the Pakistani people. With her image, Katherine has reinforced the Great Britain brand and has still gone one step further with her continuous winks to Princess Diana. And he didn't need to say a word.

With the problem of Brexit in full swing, the royal marriage has managed to strengthen ties between the United Kingdom and Pakistan in these five days and show local people that Britain is still interested in its people. It should not be forgotten that 1.5 million British citizens have Pakistani ancestry. They have also placed this Asian country on the international map, they have made people aware of the problem of climate change, primary education and the serious intention of cooperation between the two countries.

It seems difficult for a dress to influence when it comes to achieving these goals, but it has been. Everyone knows that dressing well is being at the best starting point to achieve a professional goal. The marriage has been clear that its image represents the British monarchy and they have managed to generate a positive image to better communicate the interests of their country.

Kate Middleton's intentions became clear as soon as she landed her plane in Rawalpindi, when she descended from the plane perfectly dressed in an anarkali, a local ensemble consisting of a dress and fitted pants. It was an impeccable way of saying to your host country, "Thank you for welcoming us to your home, I am delighted." The message was evident and she hadn't even left the airport.

The dukes had the opportunity to show their respect for the religion of the people during the visit to the Badshahi Mosque, where we could see William and Kate walking barefoot. The duchess also covered her head with a veil as mandated by Islamic tradition as deference to Pakistanis. But the blow of effect of the visit was shown at the reception that the British High Commissioner in Pakistan offered in honor of the marriage. The dukes descended from a colorful rickshaw fully combined in green tones;

Kate Middleton wore a glamorous sequin dress and Prince William a sherwani (a knee-length jacket with matching pants typical of the Indian subcontinent) with the same presence as if he wore it every day at home. The Duke of Cambridge knew to dispense with his classic British court suits to honor his hosts by betting on a style according to the ways and uses of the country.

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