Katy Perry was caught by a paparazzi on the beach in a bikini and without photoshop

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Katy Perry was caught by a paparazzi on the beach in a bikini and without photoshop
© Instagram / Katy Perry
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have not got along at all for a long time. The singers have had their quarrels for quite a while because of relationships in which they have shared like that of John Mayor, who first dated Taylor Swift and later with Katy Perry.

That caused a lot of war between them to the point that Swift got to dedicate a song in which he left Katy Perry in a very bad place. After that they have ended up signing the peace, however, sometimes it seems that it has not been a true peace.

And it seems that when Taylor Swift excels at something quickly appears Katy Perry to do something similar. That has been seen this week after some bikini photos of the country singer came out that have stood out a lot on the networks.

Katy Perry has not wanted to be less and coincidentally has been caught by paparazzi on a beach in a bikini and without photoshop. An image that demonstrates the great body that the singer has and that shows a Taylor Swift that is still very thin and very white.

Katy Perry is another song, with very sinuous curves that leave any astonished.

Taylor Swift fans seem to have wanted to respond to Katy Perry's photograph in the worst of ways and criticized her with utmost harshness as opportunistic. And it seems that there was no way to stop well for the singer of Roar.

The waters are calm, but Katy Perry's haters are still very aware of everything the American singer does to be able to mess with her.

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