Keanu Reeves longawaited premiere of John Wick 3

05.16.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Keanu Reeves longawaited premiere of John Wick 3
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So the expected film premiere of the week: Keanu Reeves returns to John Wick 3. In this film directed by Chad Stahelski, Keanu Reeves repeats his role as former assassin John Wick. Who is on the run, pursued by a legion of murderers.

What does Keanu Reeves himself say about the film and his character?

For me to wear a suit was very nice. I really love this character. I love his will ... I love his grief. For me, this is a kind of rich, deep, soulful character. And I love his will to try to survive. I like what he can do, and I like his sense of humor. “I think he is a good person in this world,” comments Keanu Reeves.

It is difficult to choose a favorite action scene in John Wick 3. There is a real world there, but there is also some computer graphics, and we tried to make the computer environment real, ”Keanu Reeves continues.

Kogad Keanu Reeves was asked about the fate of his character, that was his answer: I can die in battle, and then return. But what would I prefer? I want John Wick to be happy. So let's make him go out into the sunset so that he can remember his love for Helen.

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