Keanu Reeves does not display his personal life

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Keanu Reeves does not display his personal life
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Keanu Reeves is the favorite of his fans, in his movie roles, he deserves attention and delight. Canadian actor is a bachelor, but in a recent interview, he told about love.

Keanu Reeves told me that he was fond of motorcycles, talked about his role in the movie "The Matrix". When an artist was asked about love, the actor became thoughtful, but became silent and shy away from answers. He told that at the moment he is lonely. That there is no love in his life right now, but when he meets his other half, he will love her very much and take care of her. The actor believes that this will happen to him soon.

Love is the most wonderful feeling on earth, said Keanu Reeves.

When an actor starts a romantic relationship, he will not tell the whole world about it. He does not like to show off his personal life. Nothing was ever known about his relationship.

Only recently, there were rumors that many years ago, Keanu Reeves, met with Sophia Coppola, the relationship did not last long. Then it became known that for many years the actor had a relationship with Jennifer Syme, but after the birth of their child, who soon died, the couple broke up.

Recently, Keanu Reeves, admitted that he was secretly in love with actress Sandra Bullock, he still speaks of her with warmth. At the end of his interview, the actor said that this is his personal life, and he does not have to tell anyone about it.

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