Kevin Hart appeared in public after a car accident

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Kevin Hart appeared in public after a car accident
© Instagram / Kevin Hart
This past November 10, Los Angeles, became the stage of the awards gala People's Choice Awards 2019, where many actors came to collect their awards. One of the Hollywood actors who attended the event was Kevin Hart, who made his first official appearance in public, since last September, when he suffered a serious traffic accident that caused serious injuries and a slow recovery.

The protagonist of the new saga of ‘Jumanji’, won the award for Best Comedy Actor, and when he went to pick it up he received a thunderous ovation from the public, who did not hesitate to stand up to receive the actor.

The North American interpreter at the time of collecting the award, wanted to share some emotional words in the form of speech with all those attending the place: "First of all, thank God, because I definitely would not have to be here," to which he has added: "But as I am, this makes me appreciate life even more. It makes me appreciate the things that really matter: the family. I want to thank my wife for my children, who have supported me a lot."

The actor also wanted to thank the affection he has had during these months by his followers: "You have no idea of ​​the effect you have on us as artists. And I really want to thank you for being there in my most difficult times."

Actor Kevin Hart suffered a major Malibu Hills traffic accident in Los Angeles last September 2nd. The artist's vehicle suffered an accident that ended up being hospitalized at a local medical center due to severe injuries and injuries to his back.

The artist had to be operated urgently to solve the pain caused by the accident. The intervention went well, but after it began a hard rehabilitation in which he had to learn to walk again.

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