Kiernan Shipka becomes the gift we want to see under our Christmas tree

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kiernan Shipka becomes the gift we want to see under our Christmas tree
© Instagram / Kiernan Shipka
Kiernan Shipka is far from being the little girl we met in Mad Men. Now, with 18 years old he has a series on Netflix (which has become a favorite of the new generations), along with a film that wants to be a new classic of the holiday season: Let It Snow, which will be released on that platform in time to celebrate Christmas. What is a movie without an appropriate premiere? Netflix knows this and that is why he has made a special presentation in Los Angeles to which the protagonists have come ... and of course, Ms. Kiernan Shipka did not miss this opportunity to show a dress according to the December holidays.

The actress arrived in a dress that has long been previously proposed by Chanel in her last catwalks - neither midi nor mini, but a happy intermediate point. In it there are two details that contrast beautifully. The golden chains as a dress braces and the applications that begin in the bust feel small until they become large ones in the skirt, perfect for not creating the excessive and unnecessary volume that sometimes can get to have a dress with applications , which also goes according to the Christmas holidays. A dress with Christmas applications ... why not ?. Do not underestimate the power of one of these garments. Although it seems somewhat complicated to wear, the truth is that it is possible to make it functional if it is chosen in the right way. If you are going to buy a dress with applications, try that these are not large or spread throughout the design (because if so we go from a dress with details to be a Christmas tree).

Find the midpoint and analyze the design in front of a mirror (definitely try it before using it). If you are going to take one with this length then it is good that in the part of the skirt there are applications or details that approach the oversize, but if you are going to choose a long dress, it is better that you omit them that are large since you can stumble upon them or commit a faux-pas. Remember that with these types of garments you have to walk with some care, otherwise they could easily “fray”. A dress like this is not only ideal for the Christmas parties that you have at the door, but for those weddings and important events that occur during this time of the year, since they are according to the mood of December. Just keep the accessories to a minimum, let the dress shine on its own and if possible, combine your shoes with it, so that you have a certain ‘match’ in your outfit for these Christmas holidays.

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