Kim Kardashian is experiencing a revolution in her family due to a radical decision

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kim Kardashian is experiencing a revolution in her family due to a radical decision
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In recent months, Kanye West has been news for his conversion to Christianity. The rapper has redirected his lifestyle and changed his habits, all this is also reflected in his latest work, "Jesus is King", where each song is expressly dedicated to religion. This is a real revolution for his whole family, mainly for his wife, Kim Kardashian. First, the American singer took everyone to Armenia to be baptized and has now taken more traditionalist positions on aspects such as his wife's dress. The musician has asked Kim Kardashian to stop dressing “so sexy and exuberant”, something that has not taken a second to reproach his followers, labeling Kanye's attitude, as macho and retrograde: “I feel that I have just completed a transition in the one that I have gone from being a rapper who looks at all women to be a man who looks at his wife and wonders why she needs to show her body that way to everyone, "said the rapper about the businesswoman .

These statements were made in the program 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', when he referred to the dress that the celebrity wore for the last MET Gala, continuing these with the following words: "Before I did not realize how much that affected my soul and my spirit as a married man and as the father of four children. For me, the corset is underwear. For whom is such a garment sexy? " Kim Kardashian wanted to explain to her husband and everyone about what she thought about what happened: "You helped me from the beginning to build this image of a sexy and self-confident person, and only because right now you are on a spiritual journey that It is transforming you as a person does not mean that I have to be in the same place with you, "said the businesswoman. However, behind the cameras Kim Kardashian has the following: "He is my husband and I want to honor him, as well as take into account his feelings and this vital change that is going through", and to which he added: "Above all , it's for the children, "trying to justify their decision.

Finally he wanted to clarify everything and explain how he will carry out what he spoke with Kanye: "I agree with Kanye. But I will always be me. Simply, we are discussing what is too much and what is not. I am the mother of four children and the next I turn 40. When is the time to stop? " Kanye West will run for president in 2024.

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