Kim Kardashian teaches millions of people the exercises

11.16.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kim Kardashian teaches millions of people the exercises
© Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Many things can be blamed on Kim Kardashian, but what is clear is that the American celebrity has managed to make the brutal success on television like nobody else. And it is that just a few years ago, when Kim first appeared on the reality show of her friend Paris Hilton, she was little less than an unknown. Today it is one of the most followed in social networks and, above all, one of the famous with one of the most bulky current accounts on the planet. That's why he started launching a series of products under his name. His range of makeup products so much that Kim Kardashian, seeing that with his name and excellent marketing work, he could cover himself, ventured to launch an underwear brand, Skims.

A brand that is rubbing it. In fact, as those who follow her on Instagram know, a good part of her products are sold out. That is why now the woman of Kanye West has wanted to communicate to her followers that the new stock is already underway. But of course, he has done it in his own way, that is, with a very suggestive and very sensual publication, as usual. A photo in which we see her with one of her Skims models crouched and showing her famous curves.

The result? Neither more nor less than more than 2.6 million likes in less than 24 hours. An absolute success once again and demonstrating how Kim Kardashian, apart from being a certainly controversial celebrity, controls social networks very well and knows exactly what you have to do to talk about her. A simple photo crouched with a model one hundred percent Kim Kardashian is more than enough that his name becomes, once again, viral.

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