Kim Kardashian is controversial when she stops dressing sexually

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kim Kardashian is controversial when she stops dressing sexually
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Although many people doubted their relationship, time has proved them right and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the most established couples of the best-known faces in the world. Quite the opposite of what was believed when they began their courtship, however, it has been settled over the years. In fact, together they have formed a family with four children, which has changed their lives. As religion has also changed their lives. Kanye West is so excited about her with her conversion to Christianity that she wants to change some areas of her life, such as how her wife Kim Kardashian dresses. This has become a problem for the couple they have to solve, since the American rapper believes he is too sexy for his new way of life, and he wants the queen of the most famous family in the United States from now on to begin to dress in a much less provocative way.

This way of thinking of her husband has not liked Kim Kardashiam at all, and the statements have already caused great controversy both in the media and in social networks. But Kanye is so convinced of his conversion that even his new album will be called ‘Jesus is king’. These statements were made for the first time during one of the episodes of the controversial reality of the ‘Keepin’ Up With The Kardashians ’clan and since then it has only reaffirmed its intentions that its entire family change its lifestyle.

“I feel that I have just completed a transition in which I have gone from being a rapper who looks at all women to be a man who looks at his wife and wonders why she needs to teach her body that way to everyone “These have been some of the rapper's statements since he announced that he had felt God's call. “Before I didn't realize how much that affected my soul and my spirit as a married man and as the father of four children. For me, the corset is underwear. For whom is such a garment sexy? ”Words that have not gone unnoticed. Kim Kardashian did not remain silent at these words and explained: “You know that last night I had an anxiety attack and that the last thing I need now is more negative energy around me because you don't like me wearing such tight dresses,” and Kanye He replied with other inconvenient statements: "But you are my wife and it affects me when you get too sexy in the photos," he said.

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