Kim Kardashian wants to call his son Rob

04.2.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Kim Kardashian wants to call his son Rob
© Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is waiting for her fourth child from her husband Kanye West. Looking forward to the appearance of the baby, husband Kim Kardashian constantly comes up with names for him. The star of the famous show hopes to pay homage to his brother Robert.

Kim decided to name her newborn after his brother.
She wants the child to be called Rob. Mother of three children added:
- I like Rob West, but not Robert West.

Kim gave birth to her children naturally, but the doctors advised her not to get pregnant anymore. With the help of a surrogate mother, Kim Kardashian will have a fourth baby. Preparing a nursery for the child.

It turned out that four children is not enough for Kanye West. According to Kim Kardashian, her husband will not stop until the couple have seven children.

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