Kim Kardashian shows how her girdles lift her ass

10.24.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kim Kardashian shows how her girdles lift her ass
© Instagram / Kim Kardashian
It is your own line of underwear, to hide and improve shapes. The model Kim Kardashian has made her voluptuousness a virtue, but also a business and that is why she has not hesitated to pose with her new line of belts, called SKIMS, to show how they raise parts like the butt.

Kim Kardashian, 39, showed the 149 million followers on Instagram of her collection of "stronger" belts. “This whole part is lined in a mesh, so it is very thick. This is in case you need extra support in the belly, said the model showing how the girdle compresses her stomach.

Then the model turns around to see how he raised his butt and, recognizing without problems that he suffers from cellulite, he showed how he also conceals it. "I'm big and I have cellulite on my thigh," he said. Kim Kardashian said in statements to People that for her cellulite is not something shameful. “I have cellulite. I take it out in my photos all the time. I always use it as motivation, even when people are unfairly critical, "he said.

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