Kourtney Kardashian too harsh with her children

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Kourtney Kardashian too harsh with her children
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Give me a Kardashian and I'll give you a million fans and another million detractors, whatever I have done. Social networks are now divided between those who think that Kourtney Kardashian is a heavy one and an exaggeration for not letting her children eat candy and those who don't. Everything comes because in the previous chapter of the family reality show (the same one that he left, and she doesn't miss us with fights like this) Kim and she ended up facing the common birthday party between Penelope and North, which was going to have as a theme the goodies . Candy Land, for more information. And on Twitter someone rushed to call the eldest of the 'heavy' klan because he didn't want her children to eat goodies at an event dedicated to that.

"Is Kourtney the heaviest of the Kardashian? Who behaves like this at a child's birthday party? WITHOUT CANDIES at a party? What is Candyland without goodies? It's just ... Argh. I hope you leave soon the program, "he wrote.

And Kourt took the trouble to answer, also via Twitter:

"Thank you for being so knowledgeable in this sugar issue. I didn't say that without candy, we had organic sugar cotton and much more. They are healthier candy options. I appreciate your concern about my future too, God bless you," she said. wrote.

Kourtney Kardashian is the oldest in the Klan and probably the one who takes care of the whole family. Time ago revealed that she and her family were gluten intolerant so they always ate all gluten free and also organic and of organic origin. Relatively recently, Kourtney said they were beginning to tolerate it better and she and her children had introduced it back into their diet but the issue of sugar is something else.

And this birthday party of Penelope and North, with Candyland's theme, was not going to be a sufficient excuse for her to skip her very healthy food to the bullfighter. So it was. Is Kourtney too strict? Maybe. Is this bad for your children? Absolutely!

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