Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon made viewers cry

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon made viewers cry
© Instagram / Kristen Bell
Disney movies captivate adults and children alike, and everyone has their favorite, but they have all reached our hearts. And his songs, which are true classics, wrap us in a sea of ​​sensations and memories, which bring out various emotions.

This world of illusion was revived once again during a broadcast of the Jimmy Fallon show, when he began to sing one of these wonderful melodies.

But the public burst of jubilee when he appeared on stage, to accompany him in the performance, Kristen Bell, who voiced Princess Anna in Frozen.

Promoting the second part of the movie, Fallon and Bell joined their talent to sing the best-known Disney songs. They began, as appropriate, with the opening melody of all the movies: When You Wish Upon A Star, and they already managed to put goosebumps on viewers.

Then they continued with a wonderful tour, from Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso, the catchiest song of the movie Mary Poppins, and the song of the Snow White dwarfs.

They followed with the boy from the jungle, and a couple of songs from The Little Mermaid. To sing An ideal world, by Aladdin, they climbed on a magic carpet. Skeleton masks were put on for Coco, and nevus when they sang Frozen's songs.

Perhaps that was the most emotional moment: first Fallon tried to strain Make me a snowman, and then Much further, of the sequel. Although there will be those who prefer David Bisbal, the couple wore an enviable version of Let It Go.

Five minutes that make you forget everything and immerse yourself in the fantasy of Disney magic, which through a few chords arouse all kinds of happy memories.

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