Kylie Jenner showed that she is the queen of makeup and cosmetics

11.16.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Kylie Jenner showed that she is the queen of makeup and cosmetics
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner
Despite being in the middle of November, we already feel Christmas closer than ever ... and instead tell Kylie Jenner, who has wanted to anticipate these holidays by announcing, through her Instagram profile, that is going to launch a new makeup collection inspired by Xmas. As expected, the image of the campaign is none other than Kylie herself, with a fitted dress and brilli-brilli in red, a maxi bow on the back and one on the head, simulating that it is a Christmas gift.

Although the businesswoman has not given many clues about the shades that will mark this new makeup line called Holiday Collection, we intuit that the red lipsticks will be the protagonists (call us fortune tellers) ... And that is, if we have been able to know something true science, is that both the campaign and the packaging carry this color by flag. Kylie herself left us a little preview in her stories in which we can see that the collection is inspired by the red and white candy canes, so iconic of the American Christmas. And what about the metal box? Ideal to leave all our make up safe.

But this is the only thing Kylie has announced. To commemorate the anniversary of his brand, he has created a corner inspired by the food vending machines he has placed at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas. You have read it well. If you drop by there, you can buy your cosmetics and makeup products as someone who takes a snack to eat ... For now, it will be time to wait a couple of weeks to have these new Christmas products at our disposal, or who knows! we may find some of its dispensing machines in Spain ...

If you did not know what to give (or what to ask) this Christmas, you already have the solution. We also want it (if you want to keep it in mind) ...

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