Lady Gaga makes a controversy in social networks

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Lady Gaga makes a controversy in social networks
© Instagram / Lady Gaga
It seems that Lady Gaga has found a new and controversial hobby. And that is none other than to share with his followers through social networks his photos that stay very close to the limit of Instagram censorship. Photos that have a common denominator. And in all of them the singer seems to want to make very clear the taste she has for getting into the bathtub and enjoying a relaxing bath.

And now he has done it again. As she has done in recent weeks, Lady Gaga has posted a picture in her stories in which we can see her in the bathtub without any foam enjoying a drink and, eye, with sunglasses. All in a ‘diva mode’ very typical of the American. An image that has once again generated much controversy. And, although it is true that there are many faithful of the singer who have applauded, of course, the image and the sensual inn of Lady, there are many who have returned to demonstrate the desire they have.

"If you don't pose like that, nobody talks about you," "What a mania with taking photos in the bathtub ...", "You start to be very tired with these photos", "Oh, what a surprise! Lady Gaga in the bathtub and hanging the photo on Instagram ... I had never seen it ... "or" This woman is losing the north already definitively "are just a few of the many negative comments about it.

The truth is that, seeing how the photos of this style are already several (although each one of them has its peculiarities), there are already many who take for granted that, for many criticisms that she receives, the singer will continue betting on this Type of publications. At the end of the day, if something has always characterized Lady Gaga has been the fact of not having her haters very present. Quite the opposite.

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