Lady Gaga and her most provocative photography

11.16.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Lady Gaga and her most provocative photography
© Instagram / Lady Gaga
There are many celebrities who usually go to Instagram to show their other face, their more personal face or in some cases, as Lady Gaga's followers know, to show her more thug face.

While it is true that in the profile of the controversial American singer we can find many publications with a marked advertising or professional character, it is also true that Lady usually publishes occasionally controversial photos or videos. Photos and videos that his followers call "one hundred percent Lady Gaga". But be careful because for a while here, perhaps knowing that your images are automatically deleted after 24 hours, the artist has chosen to enhance this type of photos through stories.

And one of them, one that has hung up now, is giving much to talk about. Among other things because, as you can see in the picture, we can see Lady Gaga in a bathtub full of ice. It is not that the American has entered the Nordic vein, but that these types of baths are part of their post-concert routine. Usually bet on contrast baths with very hot tubs and then very cold bathtubs to improve circulation.

But of course, considering how much the actress also likes the controversy, she has not lost the opportunity to take a picture during the process and hang it on her networks. And, as expected, he hit it. There are many comments that show the ability of Lady Gaga to turn everything upside down: "This woman is a goddess", "Unique and unrepeatable", "Brutal", "Amazing", "Every day that passes I am more fan of this woman "Or" As much as I do not like many things she does, we must recognize that there is no other like her "are just some of the many in this regard.

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