New scandal about Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner

03.26.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

New scandal about Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner
© Instagram / Lady Gaga
Only March, and Lady Gaga is already in the middle of another celebrity scandal. When her passionate performance of “Shallow” on the Oscars got people thinking about whether she was meeting with her colleague director Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga quickly stopped these rumors.

The singer recently broke off her engagement. And she also stated that any alleged romance between her and Cooper was just acting. But now, the actress is again confronted with speculation regarding her. This time all around another actor: Jeremy Renner. What we know about this rumor.

Lady Gaga has reportedly been spending most of her time with Jeremy Renner since she broke up with her fiancé Christian Carino. Renner and Gaga have been close to each other for the past few weeks. And there is a close person, close to a potentially future couple, who believes that it can only be a matter of time before the singer and actor will be together. Their friendship can be considered romantic at the moment.

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