Lady Gaga and new IT opportunities

04.1.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Lady Gaga and new IT opportunities
© Instagram / Lady Gaga
Three years ago, Lady Gaga announced her partnership with INTEL. She released a stunning video about her and her technology and new IT opportunities. The artists and the technical company have joined forces to create an unforgettable performance. The show for the Grammy was created using the latest technology.

A week before the show, David Bowie passed away and the Grammy director suggested that Lady Gaga turn her performance into a tribute to the late singer. Today we will open the official original concept of presentation.

The performance begins with a white cube on a black stage. Then he begins to disintegrate, discovering inside the glittering statue of Lady Gaga. Then a robotic arm appears. The constructions begin to move, raising the statue of Lady Gaga into the air. Everything turns from deep black to bright white. Bright white spotlights are turned on and Lady Gaga comes on the scene and comes to life.

In different parts of the scene, the singer appears as a hologram. The audience cannot say which one is real. The holograms effectively disappear, revealing the real Lady Gaga at the end of the show.

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