LeBron James is worried about children

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

LeBron James is worried about children
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The decision of the Los Angeles Clippers to rest Kawhi Leonard in front of the Milwaukee Bucks, in a game that was expected to have maximum expectation, continues to generate much controversy in the NBA. The "load management", as the rotations are known there to give rest to the players, has found many detractors among the main stars of the league such as James Harden, Anthony Davis or LeBron James, who assured that you would play as long as he was not injured or had physical discomfort. However, the Los Angeles Lakers player does not believe that the problem is the wear and tear of the 82 regular season games that are played in the NBA, but in the requirement to which the players are subjected and the players during their training stages. The forward of Akron pointed directly to the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), the sports organization that is responsible for the development of athletes who are not yet professionals.

AAU trainers do not care about children and what happens with their body, "LeBron said to an AAU that considers that it does not comply with the appropriate preventive measures so that young people do not suffer mishaps during their growth stage and are not exhausted before start their respective careers. The forward set an example that directly affected their children: "There were some tournaments in which my children, Bronny and Bryce, had five games in one day. That is out of control, it is too much, "he said." There was a recent study, I don't know who wrote it, that talked about the causes of young people's body wear and that is due to AAU basketball. If my son tells me that he is sore or tired, he will not play, "said LeBron James." Once they had to play quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals starting at 09.00 and the final was at 12.30. My children were very tired, this is a problem. Then they finish late and do not eat at the time they have to do with the important thing that.

Earl Watson, a former player with 878 NBA experience games and a former Phoenix Suns coach, also showed up on the same line as LeBron with a comment on social media: "Charge management is not the cost of NBA calendar, is the cost of youth basketball that plays 12-15 games every weekend to collect monthly rates! That makes players accumulate that wear and rookies enter the injured NBA! Young people need less games and more teaching! ", The former coach settled.

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