Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys wonderful moments in life

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys wonderful moments in life
© Instagram / Leonardo DiCaprio
The actor enjoys a great professional moment after more than two decades in the film industry, focused on his commitment to climate change and shielding his private life

Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrating. The actor turns this Monday, November 11, 45 years and does so in a splendid professional and personal moment. After more than two decades in the film industry, the Oscar winner for El Renacido continues to accumulate successes with every project he gets involved in. His last film, Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood, has devastated the box office, has placed him on the list of the 10 highest paid actors and, along with his partner Brad Pitt, it is not ruled out that the Californian aspires to what could be his second Statuette of the Academy Awards.

And it is that the interpreter of La playa continues to fall in love with the world as he did in 1996, when with only 22 years he starred in Romeo and Juliet and dazzled everyone with his blue eyes, his blond hair and his perfect face. Although it was a year later, in 1997, when he established his fame with his interpretation of Jack Dawson, the romantic stowaway aboard the Titanic. Since then, he has a determined life and does what he wants. He chooses, decides, ponders papers and projects. And he does it without hurry. That is why for several years his defense of the environment is his biggest showcase. Before Quentin Tarantino's last film, Leonardo DiCaprio had not put himself in front of the cameras for four years. Since 2015, his name appears as a producer in no less than 15 projects, most of them documentaries that highlight the environmental problems through which the planet passes and with which he is highly aware.

As explained by some of his relatives to the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, the actor's commitment is not superficial at all. Get to know the subject thoroughly, like to meet with experts and know what you are talking about and also what the stories have to tell where you put your money. Of all this it records in its social networks, platforms that it uses exclusively to support these causes and in which it accumulates more than 37 million followers on Instagram and almost 20 million on Twitter.

On a personal level, DiCaprio has also managed to make himself and is an expert in keeping his enigmatic private life armored. In an interview with Time magazine a few years ago he said that his intention was to be as ambiguous as he could to never reveal his most private side. “I act as if it were an enigma, but the truth is that I don't want them to know who I am and what I think,” said the actor. And it has not gone completely wrong. He is not disturbed by the eternal gold bachelor sign, never talks about their relationships and all the couples that have been known have been models and always younger than him. For almost two years, he has dated Camila Morrone, a 22-year-old Argentine model and actress, daughter of Lucila Polak, a couple of the American actor and director Al Pacino. With her he has not come accompanied to any red carpet, but they have coincided in the last Festival of Cannes and are subject to paparazis during their boat holidays, at the Coachella festival or, simply, when they go shopping or eating
To any restaurant.

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