Lil Peep will not be forgotten by fans

07.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Lil Peep will not be forgotten by fans
© Instagram / Lil Peep
Thanks to famous artists, rapper songs Lil Peep will not be forgotten. One of these people is Barker. The singer spends a lot of time writing new songs as well as reviving forgotten songs. Not only did his band blink-182 currently tour with Lil Wayne, he released a remix of the song Falling Down rapper.

Originally included as a bonus track for the death record of the late rapper Lil Peep, the song was changed by Travis to have more punk rock. And the drummer admitted that Adam's sweet, classic Enema Of The State song had a big influence on the remix.

The song is also present XXXTenacion, where the late rapper Lil Peep, is recognized on the film as a domestic violence against his girlfriend, and in striking other people. His verse was added after the death of Lil Peep.

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