Rapper Lil Pump is attacked by a snake during the filming of his latest video clip

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Rapper Lil Pump is attacked by a snake during the filming of his latest video clip
© Instagram / Lil Pump
The singer shared the video on his social networks, showing the wound shortly after with the bloody hand after the attack.

Many singers are subjected to extreme risks for the filming of their video clips as long as their representation is as attractive as possible to the viewer. The last to submit to this "risk" has been the American singer and rapper known as Lil Pump, who shared the accident on his social networks.

Gazzy García, name of the rapper, was recording his last video clip when one of the assistants passes a snake, as part of the shooting of it. What was not expected either, is that the animal attacked the singer, who quickly gets rid of it screaming.

He himself shared the video in networks

The video was shared by Lil Pump in his social networks in recent hours, becoming viral in such a way that he has aroused all kinds of reactions by showing, in addition, the wound that the snake formed after biting him, with his bloodied hand.

The rapper shared, as we say, the video on his social networks accompanying him with the following message: “A snake has just bitten me. I hope I don't die, ”he pointed out with laughter emoticons. The truth is that the publication is being a success, since it almost reaches 5 million reproductions. Pump is one of the most followed American singers on social networks, where he accumulates more than 17 million followers.

In addition, he has awakened all kinds of reactions and comments, such as those of Justin Bieber, friend of the rapper, who was surprised by the snake bite. Reggaeton singer Anuel also reacted, with whom he recently collaborated by also sharing a network publication.

Other of the most common reactions were the laughter of the many followers of Lil Pump who saw normal the snake bite in the rapper, who sinned as a rookie undergoing one of the risks that can be run if an animal of this type is taken to the filming of a video clip.

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