Lil Pump Announces Harvard Performance

04.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Lil Pump Announces Harvard Performance
© Instagram / Lil Pump
Last month, rapper Lil Pump shocked the music media with his statement. Lil Pump announced that he was offered a speech at Harvard University.

In fact, it was a trick and a farce. So Lil Pump decided to upgrade its new album, Harvard Dropout.

The Harvard Board of Directors has denied the words of the rapper in order to calm the excitement of university students.

In the new album, Lil Pump, included several old singles, including “Drop Out” and “Be Like Me (feat. Lil Wayne)” with the music video of the latter. The lyrics reflect the desire of the young repper to become a rich man with minimal effort. In principle, Lil Pump songs reflect the vision of a decent life for most young people.

The Harvard Dropout album generally encourages young people to be like their idols. The theme of the album helped to rise to the seventh place on the American Billboard 200 a week after the release. And the video “Be as I am” was watched by 50 million people from the moment of publication.

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